Photo Essay: Seattle Central Library

Photo Essay: Seattle Central Library

My younger brother visited Seattle for the first time this past weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we only spent a few hours indoors. He did insist we visit the downtown library. These are the photos I captured at the Seattle Central Library.

If you’ve never been, I encourage you to pick up one of the self-guided tour pamphlets from the visitors center and take a journey through the floors. It’s incredible.


The angle of the windows allows ample natural light to flood the main floors—a Seattle necessity.

Rows upon rows upon rows of reference materials. Find a quiet spot to do research while exploring the history of the world.

This image overlooks the area dedicated to teens aged 12-22.

The fourth floor showcases floor to ceiling red paint. Depending n the time of day and the light hitting the walls, the color changes from orange-red to crimson. I find if I spend too long in these hallways I’m left feeling anxious and in need of fresh air.

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