Love is…

Love is…

Love is massaging your spouse’s feet after a long day even though you hate feet.

Love is picking up cheap Chinese take-out because you don’t feel like cooking and you’ll eat too much of it, all of it in fact, and regret it the next day and feel fat, but you’ll regret it and feel fat together.

Love is hiding behind corners or doors or shower curtains and scaring each other till you think they might pee their pants and then you scare them some more.

Love is going to work every day even when you don’t feel like it and vowing to make money to support you both and provide a better life that your family wasn’t able to give you.

Love is talking about money and creating a budget because one of you is a spender and the other is a saver and you both vow to work together so you never have to worry or fight.

Love is cooking your spouse’s their favorite meal and watching as their eyes light up and a big smile crosses their face as they take that first bite.

Love is saying I love you and meaning it.

Love is snuggling an extra ten minutes after your alarm went off just so you can feel the warmth of each other’s bodies close to your heart and holding them tight knowing full well you will have to rush the rest of your morning, but it’s worth it.

Love is deciding you want to take your marriage to the next step and getting a dog that you will love just as much as your spouse or maybe a little more on some days.

Love is being mad at each other but getting over it because you can’t stand not talking to them.

Love is laughing at each other when you make a mistake but not laughing too hard because you know that they feel a little hurt by their mistake.

Love is playing footsies under the table at dinner.

Love is making two types of pancakes because one of you wants gluten-free pancakes and the other wants regular pancakes.

Love is tickle wars and wrestling feats on your bed until you beg for them to stop and they do for a minute but then they just keep tickling that spot on your side and you feel like you’re going to die.

Love is arguing at IKEA over draperies and fabric patterns and wall fixtures until you begin arguing about other things and realize you should just stop and go get a frozen yogurt instead and end up not buying anything.

Love is acknowledging each other’s faults and instead of trying to fix them you embrace them and love those faults even more than their perfections.

Love is realizing your spouse had a really long tiring day and isn’t taking out their grumpiness on you so instead you give them space and give them an extra big hug when they’ve come around.

Love is going to an impromptu musical even though you both don’t like musicals and you didn’t know it was a musical until the theater started and you still laugh at it till this day.

Love is never speaking poorly of your spouse to anyone, ever.

Love is telling your spouse that their bad haircut isn’t bad it’s sexy and repeat it until they believe you.

Love is growing closer to God together and allowing Him to reach the crevices you both can’t see.

Love is talking about something that’s bothering you even though it leads to an argument because you want to work it out and make sure nothing stands between you.

Love is believing in each other’s dreams and doing everything you can to be encouraging and supportive.

Love is driving ten minutes away to pick up your spouse so they don’t have to wait for their connecting bus in the pouring rain.

Love is keeping each other in check and calling each other out when they did something wrong.

Love is skipping that next drink so your spouse can be the one that doesn’t have to drive home.

Love is kissing each other when you first wake up even though you both have dragon breath and then tease each other because of their bad breath.

Love is going through the daily routine and loving it even when things get a little boring.

Love is committing to each other and never giving up, never, ever.

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